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After the Sasuke retrieval mission, the squad takes a psychology test, and Naruto fails. Medical tests also show Naruto is actually a woman. At the same time Naruto is told her mental state, and she just SNAPS. Like. A. Little. Twig. Crazy Fem-Naruto, Tayuya x Squad 7, three way, four way, yuri, insanity, demons running wild. I own nothing.

Fem sasuke fanfic. Things To Know About Fem sasuke fanfic.

496 Stories. Sort by: Hot. # 1. The Uchiha's Regret (on hold) by naruto_fan23. 53.2K 1.3K 11. What if Sasuke came out gay to his family who wanted to marry him off to another rich family. What if Sasuke got disowned and got everything taken away from him.Dark alleyway in Konaha. A boy with sun-kissed runs into a dead end with a wall many times taller than him. The boy's name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the so called "demon" of the village because he holds the soul of the Kyuubi, a terrible monster which attacked the village of Konaha the day he was born and the soul was sealed into him by his ... Sanitize. 355 votes. by Sage Thrasher. Basic medicine and sanitation are simple. During the Warring Clans era, they become revolutionary. Read Here. Over 3K fans have voted on the 20+ items on Best Naruto Fanfiction That's Actually Worth Reading. Current Top 3: Of Harrowed Hearts, Stormborn, Backslide ...You Can't Plan Love By: SilverKitsune2017. Fem Shikamaru x Sasuke. She might have been a genius, but Shika Nara had only ever wanted a simple life. Her plan was to become a ninja, to marry an average man, and to have average children. Sadly, those plans had to be pushed aside for the war. Once that was over though, she had fully expected things ...

Naruto flinched, looking away. After a moment, he turned his head towards Sasuke's body. Sakura, now extremely worried, began to jog in the indicated direction. She passed Naruto without a second glance. Naruto's hands had curled in to tight, white-knuckled fists by the time he heard Sakura begin weeping behind him.Love Sick By: JMenace. Stripped of a sensei and behind enemy lines, Team 7 is forced to grow strong before their time. But escaping tragedy with your life is not the same as escaping intact. The children of the tree were born to suffer. Naruto and Sasuke are simply next in line. (fem!Sasuke)

"And then Sasuke said he'd leave the village." Image. Uᴄʜɪʜᴀ Sᴀsᴜᴋᴇ · 2:32 AM · Sep 20, 2016 · 2. Reposts.28 Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 True Feelings by TheEnderofAllthings 17K 202 8 NarutoxFemSasuke lemon narutolovestory narutoxfemsasuke # 2 The Shinobi World: Naruto (A Fixin... by TheBookman123456789 68.1K 481 65

Wrong Impression By: Deathgeass. What people don't know about Sasuke is that he is a she and is also a fan girl. She is the number 1 fan girl of the one and only NARUTO! Join in Satsuki's journey and see how she gets her man. Naruto x Fem sasuke x OC (Naru x Fem sasu x OC) really small harem. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Fantasy ... Go To Rewrite: After being dragged back to Konoha by Naruto when he tried to leave, Sasuke finds out that the blonde isn't who everyone thinks he is. female!Naruto Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 5 - Words: 11,124 - Reviews: 84 - Favs: 279 - Follows: 308 - Updated: 11/10/2007 - Published: 11/13/2005248K 7.5K 27. Female Naruto Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, heiress to both corporations is forced into marrying one of the heir of Uchiha Corp - Uchiha Sasuke, a stuck up brat, a spoilt egotistic snob. They didn't know each other, nor does the stuck up one want to.As the rest of the fangirls of the class joined in, Naruko saw out of the corner of her a knowing smirk on Sasuke's face. Enraged, Naruko stomped towards the fallen Uchiha as she raised her fist into the air to pound the molester into the ground. However, before she could do so, a vice-like grip immobilized her arm. A SasuNaru fanfic about a love/hate relationship that develops between the two over the years. Sasuke takes out his anger and confusion on Naruto, who is in turn hopelessly drawn towards the boy he still loves after years of depression. Contains semi-rape, boy/boy, and a fair amount of Sasu giving it to Naru ;D

Follow Naruto as he tries to navigate his tumultuous love life all while rising to power to become one of the strongest sovereigns the Uchiha clan has ever seen. Naruto and Sasuke found their way to each other, but they have one more obstacle to overcome: henge-pregnancy.

Chapter Five Female Sasuke. On the bridge where team seven met, Uzumaki Naruto was sitting on the railing, eerily quite. This was bothering both Sasuke and Sakura as he had been unusually quite the past two weeks. Sakura wasn't sure what it was about, but Sasuke was. He knew that Naruto was thinking about the Valley of the End.

Wrong Impression By: Deathgeass. What people don't know about Sasuke is that he is a she and is also a fan girl. She is the number 1 fan girl of the one and only NARUTO! Join in Satsuki's journey and see how she gets her man. Naruto x Fem sasuke x OC (Naru x Fem sasu x OC) really small harem. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Fantasy ...Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze was neglected by his parents for his siblings, Menma and Mito. He was known as the black sheep of the family. Naruto had almost died after being kicked out of the house after being framed by his siblings. Naruto awoken within his mindscape with four beings inside, 3 humans and 1 fox.Nz: Go to Female sasuke by ~Virte on deviantart for a picture on what female shippuden sasuke looks like. AvalonNakamura helped to write this chappy. Credit has been given. The rain fell down sadly. It reminded her what she had just done. The tears she just shed. She looked at them and cried. She couldn't believe it...She had become her nee-chan. No more mask! Naruto opened his eyes only to stare the white ceilling of the hospital. He felt a minor pain in his chest, and a major one on his heart. His teammate, best friend, and secret true crush fled the village. He knew Uchiha Sasuke's secret : The actually, Sasuke is not even her real name. The last Uchiha was actually a she.Chapter 1: Changing Fate. The Hidden Leaf Village was in chaos. Orochimaru's invasion had left them weakened and almost defenseless, so each and every ninja in the village was working extra hard. However, Lady Tsunade had an even bigger problem to worry about.

Chapter 30: Complications and On the Road Training. A week had passed since Orochimaru's failed invasion, and things were trying to get back to normal. Buildings were being fixed from damages - mainly done by the giant snakes and enemy shinobis. Everyone was helping to repair. . .but things were still hectic in the village, for multiple reasons.Uchiha Itachi Being an Asshole. (Previously under Senju Akihane Naru on Fanfiction.net, moved to AO3) The world works in mysterious ways. Those who believe things will end simply are constantly surprised. Among those of normal repute are the giants, those that transcend the abilities of the common man.Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction. Kits! By: OtakuLady. After a brutal gang rape, Naruto, due to Kyuubi's chakra, finds himself pregnant! Now he must flee the village, and find somewhere safe to raise his child. Pairings: KyuuNaru KyuuSasu SasuNaru Gaara pairings too. Formerly Kits. Mpreg, yaoi. (A/N) Okay, this story really liked ...Chapter 1 - A Proposal. Sasuke stared angrily at the white ceiling. He was back in Konoha, dragged back there by the dobe. The very thought of it made him grind his teeth, especially when Itachi was still alive. He had killed Orochimaru, that bastard, when he had tried to transfer into Sasuke's body.You Saved Me By: SilverKitsune2017. Fem Sasuke x Naruto. The Council wary that Suki Uchiha might betray the Leaf again, issued an ultimatum. She could marry Naruto, the only person capable of restraining her if she snapped, or endure a trial that would likely result in her execution. So now Suki and Naruto were stuck playing house.No Archive Warnings Apply. When his boyfriends all had engagements for the day that they cannot avoid, Naruto takes his chance to enjoy his day. But when his boyfriends caught wind of what he’s been up to, the three got together to deliver just punishment. OMEGAVERSE. SasuNaru, ItaNaru, KuraNaru/ KyuuNaru Poly.

50 pages January 5, 2020 Алина. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Genderbend Fem Naruto Naruko Fem Sasuke Drama Male Hinata ... Once in the village hidden in the leaves was attacked by a demonic nine-tailed Fox Only the leader of the village - the Fourth Hokage was able to defeat the demon. The fourth sealed it in the body of a newborn girl ...Naruto Namikaze, son of the Hokage woke up every morning to a life that only few could wish for. He was born into one of the greatest families, he had lots of friends, everyone loved him and he pretty much was a known figure all around Konoha. What people did not know about him was he was the Jinchuuriki of the most feared creature that the ...

The fanfiction is about the romantic relationship between Naruto and Fem Sasuke. The main characters are Naruto and Fem Sasuke, who are both ninjas from the Hidden Leaf Village. While the fanfiction is inspired by the Naruto series, it features an alternate universe where Sasuke is female. The fanfiction is exciting because it explores the ...A man that searches for redemption. A child who's family neglects him. A change in fate that will shock the Elemental Nations to the core. This is the tale of two people that will change everything, one as a teacher and the other one as a student. NarutoxHarem. Neglected!Naruto. Strong!Naruto. Fem!Sasuke. Crossover with Fairy Tail. Other minor ..."And then Sasuke said he'd leave the village." Image. Uᴄʜɪʜᴀ Sᴀsᴜᴋᴇ · 2:32 AM · Sep 20, 2016 · 2. Reposts.What name would you prefer to read (fanfic) for Uchiha Sasuke if he was born female? Sasuke (no name change, it break my immersion)0%. Satsuki0%. Setsuna0 ...team seven are Kakashi's feral babies. Pre-Relationship. Uchiha Sasuke is a Little Shit. Protective Uchiha Sasuke. Smart Uzumaki Naruto. Sasuke Naruto and Sakura are besties. Sakuras parents are neglectful. Naruto and Sakura go live with Sasuke. They're all babies and are adorable together.Oct 5, 2023 · Chapter specific tags at the start of each fic. rating is up on Chapter 10 and 22. Male Naruto featured in Chapter 16 and 28. Married for at least a few of these. Getting together for a few. Showering together platonically. Mentioning Childhood Trauma. Mentioning Menstrual Shaming. Mentioning of Sexual Assault in Chapter 31. Uchiha Itachi. Incest. Due to his feelings for her, Sasuke refused to speak to his older sister. however, when she needs him most, he will be there,and for that their feelings collide. The day you were born, the founder of her clan, Bela Uzumaki, decided to have you as a host and you became her vessel or jinchuriki.Chapter 1. Sasuke Uchiha had always been very proud to be part of his family. The Uchiha Clan was well known for its visual prowess, strength, and intelligence. Unfortunately, it also had a rather bloody history. It was that history that was the problem. Long ago, they had been put in charge of the Military Police Force and given their own ...An army killer. A gaze of a legend. The masked man had shivers running down his spine seeing his icy sapphire blue eyes and the confidence, experience and determination those eyes held. Minato, though, said nothing, and teleported back to the house where he laid Kushina down besides the triplets and stepped back. Obito is a Zenin. Non-Linear Narrative. Unreliable Narrator. ft. getous journey of self discovery with the help of an ex terrorist and gojo satoru. Obito is reborn into the Zen'in clan. He doesn't like what he's seeing. Or: Obito is a Zen'in now and by god is he going to let this family ruin more children.

Based on the artwork of Sunahara Wataru and the H-Movie “Childhood Restart”: An accomplished Naruto Uzumaki lives in regret over not claiming Sakura Haruno, his true love, before Sasuke Uchiha sank his claws into her. Eager to make things right, Naruto sets out to travel to the past, and, in his younger body, change history so that …

Sasuke smirked, lining himself up to Naruto's entrance "pathetic" he spat, before forcing himself hastily in side of the blonde without a single care if it hurt or not.. Naruto gasped as he felt his body tighten at the trespassing. "No. stop" Naruto ordered, scowling at Sasuke and trying to ignore the unusual feeling inside him.

BAD SPELLING AND GRAMMAR AHEAD] This is the story of kakashi's daughter, Hiroyuki Hatake, ex-Anbu Captain, who lost her mother and brother at age 6 during the... Aiko in her world would always get bullied at school and is an orphan. She got adopted by someone but wasn't being raised right.Chapter 11: Fate between brother. The room went silent, a few shinobi even drew tears after the display of affection shown by Itachi's departure. Naruto tilted her head to Sasuke's direction face to face. Mikoto and Kushina cried in …The horde behind them started to get chatty, before turning into a full blown argument. Pretty soon, fists started to fly. Sasuke groaned before grabbing Naruto by the wrist and dragging him away, who protested being robbed of his Ramen-chan. The girls stopped as they noticed Sasuke leading Naruto away. "A-ano!Lemon is the Fruit of Jealousy By: FutureIncoming. Naruto's really having a bad day. First he walks in on the old hag and the perv doing it. Then he's late to homeroom. Then Kiba won't stop messing with him and now he has to deal with a pissed off Sasuke. If Naruto was having a bad day before just wait. He's about to find out that he shouldn't ...Keeping his calm despite his displeasure, Naruto shot a glare in Satsuki's direction. The raven-haired girl's expression was largely apathetic, but an edge of irritation was clear in her lips, which were pulled into a tight, angry line. In general, Satsuki Uchiha was hardly pleasant-faced. The summary for the fics will be in the first chapter for each of them. This compilation will contain all my T-rated fics. Chapter 1 - Lilac (Naruto/Hanabi) Chapter 2 - She Likes His Face Red (Naruto/Fem!Sasuke) Chapter 3 - Two's Company chapter 1 (Naruto/Fem!Sasuke) Chapter 4 - Two's Company chapter 2 (Naruto/Fem!Sasuke)This fic just came to me while talking to my partner about his story while i offered him ideas. i actually got the drive to write it while reading fics with female sasuke. now this story will not contain a female sasuke but a female naruto. as for female sasuke. if you have read my fic Naruto FireFox. i am really considering having a female sasuke. so go take a look at that fic after this one ..."Sasuke!" "Sasuke-kun!" When Sasuke finally registered what he had said, his eyes widened a fraction. Maybe he had let his outburst go too far, Naruto had messed up but even he could admit to himself, that statement was a bit too harsh. A deadly silence engulfed the 4 ninja's. In a blink of an eye Naruto threw something at Sasuke, and hung his ...Prologue. My name is Uchiha Sakuya. I was born to Uchiha Fugaku and Mikoto on the early hours of July 24. I was born hours after my twin, Uchiha Sasuke and was confined to a hospital during my first few weeks of life. I was born in a prestigious family with two older brothers.

To outsiders, I use female pronouns and Satsuki. Chapter 1: The Beginning. Uchiha Sasuke had not enjoyed a peaceful night's sleep in several weeks. However, he had dropped off the last few missing-nin, or at least their heads and forehead protectors, and currently, had enjoyed a real bath, a decent meal, and a soft bed, courtesy of the Kazekage.28 thg 9, 2021 ... from the female sasuke fanfic I'm obsessed with. Many of the stories she(Samauke09) wrote are my favourites, but this is the perfect one for ...Quizzes Stories People Fiction Fanfiction Nonfiction Tests Surveys ... NaruFemSasu Female Sasuke. Naruto is a basketball player, but his grades are dropping, His parents wants him to do better and if he doesn't better he will be permanently dropped from the team. He is assigned a tutor.....Sasuke Uchiha, The Ice Princess of the school.A chance encounter leads to the start of a new relationship. An ostracized boy with no care for the village finds an unlikely companion in a nationalistic girl, celebrated by the same village that he feels entrapped by. Read about the two of their adventures, and find out how they reshape the world. Fem! Sasuke.Instagram:https://instagram. aes report outagerealpage single sign on active buildingcigna otc catalog 2023monmouth park racing results Mizuki was close to Sasuke, congratulating the child, but remained a little too close for Naruto's tastes. The man was a teacher, yet for some reason, he was almost leering at the Uchiha. I can already hear the conversation. 'Oh, Sasuke, you and the Uchiha are so great.' Naruto gagged at the words. Hm. I gotta say though, Sasuke looks a little off. ff14 ultravibrationsafeway hr2 direct Cute Fluff an Funny Stuff. Follow . Focus: General All Categories, Since: 03-15-05. Founder: XaShi - Stories: 127 - Followers: 8 - Staff: 1 - id: 13139. For all the stories that involve Sweet innocent situations and the occasional Silly story. This C2 is for when you want the Awww moment or just need something to lift your spirits! c3 corvette rear suspension diagram The Cycle of Forgiveness by poknn. A portrayal of how Sasuke copes with his trauma and sins from the past. In another lifetime, he finds he could have been a great jutsu teacher. Time travel Canon divergent fic, starts with angst, but morphs into adventure - aka another way the story of Shippuden could have been told.What name would you prefer to read (fanfic) for Uchiha Sasuke if he was born female? Sasuke (no name change, it break my immersion)0%. Satsuki0%. Setsuna0 ...Jan 24, 2010 · Watch the reactions of the Leaf Village, when Sasuke is no longer the last living Uchiha. SilverKitsune2017 is a fanfiction author that has written 114 stories for Naruto, Harry Potter, Inuyasha, Fairy Tail, Frozen, and Dragon Age.